Our Story

Hi there! We're Eric and Donna, the creative minds behind NeedlepointPillows.com. Our journey into the world of pillows and home decor is a tale of shared passions and dreams transformed into reality.

A Stitch in Time: Our Beginning

Our story began with two distinct paths that intertwined beautifully. Eric, a familiar face from the early days when he worked for the very company that managed NeedlepointPillows.com, embarked on his adventure in the world of home decor and textiles. His early career was immersed in the allure of antiques, the elegance of high-end furnishings, and the intricate designs of oriental rugs. Throughout designed industry shifts, his heart always remained connected to these artistic expressions.

Donna, with her innate creative flair, possessed a natural talent for transforming spaces into inviting homes. She had an eye for the finer details that could turn a mere house into a cozy and inviting haven.

Our Journey Together

Today, we're curators of comfort, exploring every corner of this industry with boundless joy. When we're not busy with NeedlepointPillows.com, our days are filled with outdoor adventures, globetrotting, and cherishing moments with our family, friends, and pets.

Our Promise to You

At NeedlepointPillows.com, we're more than just a store; we're a part of your journey in making your space truly yours. Our thoughtfully curated collection reflects our passion for quality, beauty, and the stories that every piece holds.

So, from our hearts to your home, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for being part of this wonderful journey. We're here to assist you in finding that perfect piece that doesn't just occupy a space but elevates it to completion.


Eric and Donna